My Cosmetic Surgery Experience with Dr. Nick Slenkovich

Denver Plastic Surgeon discusses the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic industry

keyboard My Cosmetic Surgery Experience with Dr. Nick SlenkovichI have to start by saying that I am so pleased with my surgery results. I am a woman in my mid 50’s. Years ago, I had saline breast implants inserted and liposuction done to my abdomen and hips while working for a plastic surgeon. I was very pleased with my breast implants, but was never happy with my liposuction results. After my four-week recovery period, I noticed I had lost my feminine curves. My husband said I had a boyish-boxy figure after my initial liposuction procedure. I had irregularities in my skin and a waviness in the hips, with extra fat pockets. Needless to say, I was sorely disappointing.

I went back to the same surgeon for a corrective procedure, which resulted in MORE liposuction in the same areas as had previously been done. Once again, I had the same problems. I was very discouraged at that point. I could not wear a two-piece swimsuit because my surgical result looked so awful. I even had to wear a supportive girdle to hide the irregularities, but after two procedures I decided to just live with it.

Several years later I developed a deflation in one of my saline breast implant. At this point I decided to seek another plastic surgeon to replace my breast implants with the new silicone memory gel. I figured while I was at it, I might as well see if a new plastic surgeon could fix the residual liposuction problem areas that I had been living with for years. I consulted with Denver based plastic surgeon Dr. Nick Slenkovich and he took the time to explain his technique of body sculpturing and recontouring, which was more than just removing the fat cells.

Dr. Slenkovich and his surgical team made my third plastic surgery experience very pleasurable. The nurse anesthetist was terrific. I did not feel a thing and woke up in recovery with no nausea or pain. The nurse who took care of me after surgery was kind and caring and explained everything to my care giver. I had several appointments with the massage therapist (Pam), who helped me work with the tissue to evaluate swelling and pain.

Now, several months after my revision breast augmentation procedure and liposuction I can say I’m absolutely thrilled I have a waist. I now have my curvy figure back that I was born with! I can even wear a two-piece swimsuit again! I am so thankful to the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center team for my amazing experience!

– S.O.


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