What is Peri-Operative Therapy for Plastic Surgery?

Denver Plastic Surgeon discusses the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic industry

pop What is Peri Operative Therapy for Plastic Surgery?At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center, we focus not only on your plastic surgery procedure, but also on aiding you with the healing process from our nutritional guidance to our peri-operative therapy treatments. Our plastic surgery experience is about making your experience comfortable and providing exceptional care to give you the confidence your looking for. Every surgical patient will notice that we include at least one peri-operative treatment with their surgery. Often we hear questions inquiring “What is peri-operative therapy?” and “Do I really need peri-operative therapy with my plastic surgery?”.

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We’ve worked in conjunction with Soulstice Wellness, our peri-operative therapy provider, to help explain more about how peri-operative therapy works and why it is so beneficial to your healing and recovery following your plastic surgery. Watch our video below to see an example of what peri-operative therapy is, hear from Ann with Soulstice about it’s benefits to recovery following plastic surgery and hear an actual plastic surgery patient’s experience with Colorado Plastic Surgery Center and her peri-operative therapy.  Still have questions about the peri-operative therapy process or Colorado Plastic Surgery Center? Give us a call to learn more!

A Look at Peri-Operative Treatments for Plastic Surgery

Soulstice has revolutionized massage therapy by developing peri-operative therapy, a gentle manual technique that is applied around the time of surgery. It will reduce recover time, alleviate pain, eliminate swelling and bruising, soften scar tissue, and smooth out the lumps and bumps.

Our lymph nodes are situated in the body like clusters of grapes and there is no heart that pumps the lymph through the body like the circulatory system. So what it relies on is soft tissue contraction, movement and breathing, So what we are trying to do when we are facilitating the lymph system is to get that fluid moving and circulated it out through our elimination and circulatory system and help you move into that sub-acute healing process faster. Manual lymphatic drainage we are working just below the skin. Its a very gentle technique, it’s soothing, there’s no pain involved. The patient lies there, many times they fall asleep they are so comfortable, and they get up and are usually standing taller by the end of the session.

” My husband and I looked at each other after we left the office and were like ‘well that was a waste of time.’ She didn’t do anything. She just barely touches you and then I woke up the next morning eight pounds lighter. So, she obviously knows what she’s doing. So, it was a really cool experience. Every time I came to see her I felt like a new person as I was leaving. It was amazing how I would look forward to those visits with her and I actually saw the improvements as I was leaving. It wasn’t something I had to wait for, it happened right away.” said Denver Mommy Makeover patient Carla.


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